AeraMax 200 Air Purifier

AeraMax 200 Air Purifier reviews

AeraMax 200 Air Purifier Review

Is It The Thing To Keep You Free From Allergies?

Nowadays it is quite impossible to have fresh and clean air in the midst of the city. If you are suffering from any kind of respiratory diseases, it will be mandatory for you to breathe healthy air and stay away from all kinds of air pollutant. The quality of the air mostly depends on the humidity of the place you are staying because humid air is a positive catalyst for all kind of bacteria, viruses and allergen production. AeraMax 200 Air Purifier can assure you the natural air without any doubt.
Surely you want a fresh environment and clean airflow in your home or working place. You also need some gadget which will make your place odor free. That is why you badly in need of an air purifier to have clean, healthy and odor free air.

Well, you might be looking for the same features too! I know you are confused too while selecting an air purifier because all the air purifier companies are offering delicious offer. But they are unable to meet up all the requirements and quality standard. Finally, I got you the AeraMax 200 Air Purifier– which can get you rid of this problem. Let me explain why I picked this one among thousands of air purifier in the shop.

Who Should Use It

  • People looking for fresh and clean air.
  • Asthma and Sinusitis patients.
  • People who suffocate in humid air.
  • People who want an odor free room.
  • Healthy environment in office and residence.

Why You Should Buy AeraMax 200 Air Purifier

Automatic Sensor

AeraMax 200 Air Purifier has an automatic sensor which can measure the air quality in the room and adjust the speed of its fan. This is one of the unique qualities which attract me most. You do not need to be worried about the speed of fan at any time. This AeraMax sensing technology will set the speed accordingly. This technology will make you go wow!

User-friendly Display

The AeraMax 200 Air Purifier provides you an amazing user-friendly display. It allows you to adjust the fan speed manually and also indicate the filter condition.  With the help of blue, amber and red light, it will show the air quality in the environment and work accordingly. Obviously, one thing is definite that you can control the direction of air flow in AeraMax 200 Air Purifier.

Filter Indicator

It is another great technology introduced by AeraMax 200 Air Purifier. You do not need to worry about the filter condition and how long it will stand. The multi-tasking display will let you know when to change the filter. By showing amber color, it indicates that filter should be changed soon. While displaying red, that means you need to change the filter instantly.

Efficient True HEPA Filters

The efficient True HEPA Filter (High-Efficiency Particular Air Filter) eliminates 99.97% airborne materials. It can capture the particles up to 0.3 microns in size. AAFA (The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) is a renowned name in this industry & it certified the AeraMax 200 Air Purifier for its efficient output and best quality service for asthma and allergy patients. This also inspired me to have such a product for my own.

Four Stage Purifier

The best part of AeraMax 200 Air Purifier is that it has four stage of air purification system. The amazing activated carbon layer absorbs all kind of chemicals and neutralizes the odor. True HEPA filter removes all kind of particles like dust, pollen as well as microscopic viruses. The AERASAFE anti-microbial layer targets the fungi, airborne bacteria, and other microscopic pollutants. Finally, the plasma layer is responsible for creating the powerful ion field. Such ion draws the particles in the air and traps it in the filter. Again these ion charges ensure the availability of clean and fresh air in your home or office surroundings. It can cover up to 200*400 square feet area.

How Aeramax 200 Airpurifier Works

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I fix it in one speed only without the sensor?
Answer: Sure. You can turn on the manual adjustment and set your speed accordingly. Only in the AREA+MODE option, the purifier works in automatic.

2. Where it’s manufactured?
Answer: This product is manufactured in China.

3. Is it efficient for pet allergies?
Answer: Yes, it is! I use it and nowadays, you do not have to sneeze 5/10 minutes in the morning.


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