IQAIR Healthpro Plus

IQAIR Healthpro Plus Air Purifier ReviewTop Rated IQAIR Healthpro Plus

The IQAIR HealthPro Plus Air Purifier is an exquisite air purifier in the current market. If you are looking for something really dependable and efficient, then this air purifier is strongly recommended for you. It is equipped with some features that made it one of the best air purifiers in this era. Amazing four stage filtration systems, super silent operation, user-friendly control and sophisticated design made it a unique product for all sorts of users. The major facts are- it is 100% healthy, there is no emitting of ozone, ions or UV. So, it has no long term reaction upon your body. Let’s have a closer look on IQAIR Healthpro Plus Air Purifier.

Who Should Buy It?
• People hunting for healthy air.
• Asthma, Allergy patients.
• People suffering from sinusitis, dust allergy.
• Looking for an odor free room.
• Very sensitive to molds, pollens, allergens etc.

Why IQAIR Healthpro Plus Air Purifier?

Four Stage filtration for the best output:

IQAIRIQAIR Healthpro Plus Air purifier has a four-stage air filtration system to give you the fresh, clear, odor-free and more healthy breathing experience. There is a micro-particle filtration system as a pre-filter which traps the micro particle; for instance, pollen, mold, dander etc. Activated carbon is present at the very next filtration stage. It soaks all the toxic gasses from the environment. So the air becomes healthy and free from all kinds of odors. A pelletized chemisorptions filter is used in the next stage. Here all kinds of chemicals are eradicated from the air. Finally, the True HEPA filter. It eliminates all microscopic bacteria, viruses and provides the best possible air for you and your family.

Highest but Quietest performance:

Most of the air purifiers claim that their slow & medium mode doesn’t produce disturbing noise but they remain silent about the highest mode of their purifier. Because in most of the cases, the high fan speed is pretty noisy and annoying. Here comes the HealthPro Plus Air purifier which is amazingly designed to produce less sound. Obviously, high fan speed will create some noise, but in this air purifier, the motor is set between two sound reducing filters. These filters hinder the sound to spread around. Rubber suspension pads are also installed to neutralize the vibration of the fan. They do not have that imaginary claim to make a noise free fan, but they introduced the amazing technology to eradicate the noise in the highest fan speed.

Efficient for Respiratory Patients:

Respiratory, asthma, allergy and sinusitis patients suffer more if there are unwanted air particles floating around them. 90% of airborne particles are ultrafine (less than 0.1 micron) which cannot be caught by normal air purifiers. So those particles bring about continuous disturbance which can be discomforting for the patients. But HealthPro Plus Air purifiers are quite different. They have proven and certified performance to eradicate the air born particle up to 0.003micron (it is the smallest size of particles that can exist). After several testing by different laboratories and Government, IQAIR HealthPro Plus Air purifier got the verification for its effectiveness against these ultrafine particles. So, if you have such situation undergoing, please feel free to pick this one.

Super Energy Saver:

It is a very common objection against the energy purifiers that they absorb a very high amount of electricity when they turned into high speed mode. But IQAIR HealthPro Plus Air purifier is equipped with compact design and amazing technology, so it soaks very little amount of energy, for example, it requires power equivalent to the consumption of a light bulb. The ultra-efficient motor inside the purifier require 20watts at its lowest speed and up to 135 watts in the highest speed. If you calculate the charge, it will cost you some pennies to operate it all day long.

Very Easy Maintenance and Filter Replacement:

Filter replacement is hazardous to some people because they are using some air purifiers which has the most complicated filter replacement system. But the HealthPro Plus Air purifier offers you the most simple and easiest way to replace the filter by yourself in a couple of seconds. Just release the locking arms, slide the used filter out of the frame, set the new one and reverse the process. That’s it. HealthPro Plus requires the easiest and simplest maintenance in the current market.


  • Remote control system
  • Very effective for odor removal
  • Eco-friendly- does not emit any ozone.
  • Filter life indicator.


  • Start slowly.
  • Expensive filter.


1. How often can replace the filter?
Answer: It completely depends upon your usage. For example, the True HEPA filter stands for around 4000 hours.

2. Do I need to clean/wash or vacuum the filters?
Answer: No. When the filter indicator asks you to change the filter all you need is to replace the filter.


IQAIR HealthPro Plus Air Purifier may a bit costly than the other purifiers but it will provide you the best possible service available in the market. It will keep your family safe and your atmosphere healthy. For its amazing and innovative technology, it will not distract or annoy your concentration or sleep. So, place your order and enjoy the best purifier in the current market.

best air purifier for smoke

Best air purifier for smoke

Best air purifier for smoke | How Air Purifiers Help To Get Rid Of Smokes??

Now, what’s your cause? Many have one or two smoker friends or family members & they just want to get away from that lingering smoke in the room, others just lack the proper ventilation system to cast them out. Even, things can get worse if there is an annoying smoker in your workplaces.

Whatever the problem is, it is no less than a disturbing factor. Every time people come across with a situation like this, google search results for ‘what is the best air purifier for smoke? get increased. But, not getting an easy answer is what frustrates them most. So, I have decided to keep it stupid simple so that everyone can understand..

Harmful Effects of Smoke & Cigarette

I know some of you know them all, but what about them who doesn’t. The fact is you don’t have to smoke cigarettes or anything else directly to get affected by it. According to a research, people inhaling secondhand smoke have 20% more risk of getting a coronary heart disease than the ones who are living in a non-smoking environment. Smoke particles generally cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks. Entirely giving up smoking is the best solution, even those who find it difficult to give up, they may consider purchasing an air purifier. At least, it will keep the environment clean.

Why You Require A Specific Smoke Air Purifier

It is impossible for the chain smokers to keep their home clean. General air purifiers can only guarantee the removal of common particles instead of gaseous pollutants. These smaller gaseous pollutants are the main components of tobacco smoke & they can adhere to furniture, walls & household objects. As smoking is a continuous process, it is difficult for a general air purifier to keep up the new pollutants. This is the reason why you need to have specific air purifiers for smoke.

What To Look In an Air Purifier

A recommended list always helps in your search of the best air purifier for smoke, best Air Purifier for Allergies, Infants, Dust etc. So, first make a list of the features you want in the appliance you are going to buy.

Make sure your air purifier comes with an activated carbon filter. Activated carbon filters absorb smoke odors & other smells more efficiently. The combination of True HEPA Filters with activated carbon filters works wonders when removing smoke pollutants.

The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) rating is another vital issue. Most of them shows the CADR rating for dust, pollen & Smoke. Before purchase, ensure the CADR rating for smoke in your air purifier is 100 or more.

We have come up with a list of 5 best air purifiers for smoke that can be helpful in your case. Here it is-

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier
HM 200 Health Meta Junior Air Purifier
Honeywell 50250-S Air Purifier
Alen Breathe Smart Air Purifier
Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier

Consider all your options & find out the best suitable choice for you. It is always better to research because it improves your knowledge & experience.

O-Ion B-1000 Air Purifier

O-Ion B-1000 Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier Review

O-Ion B-1000 Air Purifier

Surely you want to breathe in something healthy which is free from germs, odors and airborne pollutants. But nowadays it is pretty hard to get pure and healthy air for your family, especially if you have a pet in your home. As the number of airborne allergens and materials has increased, please do not depend on your lungs as the only air purifier for you. Again, you must be tensed because an air purifier has a bad reputation for power soaking, creating noise and in some case emitting ozone which is seriously devastating. If you really want an air purifier and want to avoid the above mentioned drawbacks, there is a perfect solution available in the market for you. That is the O-Ion B-1000 Air Purifier Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier.

Who Should Buy It

• People who wants to ensure fresh air for family.
• If you want to get rid of pet dander.
• Suffering from respiratory diseases.
• Allergic to dusts or airborne materials.
• Looking for an energy efficient gadget.

Why You Should Buy O-Ion B-1000 Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier?

Some Important Features at a Glance:

  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation
  • Electrostatic Purification
  • Whisper Quiet Fan
  • Health Conscious
  • Eco-Friendly Design
  • Carbon Filtration
  • Easy Controlling System
  • Easy to Clean

Needs Minimum Electricity and Quite Service

O-Ion B-1000 Air Purifier has a great deal of reputation for its low power consumption and amazingly silent operation. It does not absorb electricity like the high powered HEPA air purifiers. So energy consumption here is very low like 7.5W. Again, it has two fan speed option, high and low. As the purifier is very silent, you actually do not need to operate it on low speed except you want to save some energy.

Use of Electrostatic Technology

Some purifier uses electrostatic strategy to purify the air where they create electric charge and thus they attract the airborne particles into the internal filtration system. O-Ion B-1000 Air Purifier follows such procedure. Along with this filtration system, there is an additional dust collector to deliver more purified air. The collector can be easily removed, washed and again adjusted. It is very hard to identify but it claims that this system can capture particles up to 0.1 microns.

Ionizer and EPA standard ozone emotion

This air purifier generally works as an ionizer. It emits negative ions in the air so that they can get stuck and create a particle cluster that can be trapped in the filter. This negative has a great impact on your mood and concentration. Also, it emits ozone according to EPA standard, which effectively kills the germs, deodorizes the air and makes it fresh for the surrounding inhabitants.

Reducing pet dander and odors

If you have a pet in your home and your trachea or nasal is not comfortable with that, you can surely buy this one for your home. O-Ion B-1000 Air Purifier Permanent Ionic Filter is well reputed for removing pet dander. This air purifier is pretty awesome to eradicate the large particles and the pet dander. Again, it uses amazing carbon filtration system which is really efficient in neutralizing all kinds of toxic gasses and hazardous chemicals. While you imply this product, your surrounding air will not only be purified from any allergens but also free from any odor.

UVGI Technology

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irritation (UVGI) technology has been introduced in the air purifier which ensures safer air around you. This technology is capable of killing all kinds of germs, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. While air passes through the purifier, the light kills them. The odor gets automatically removed as an aftereffect. As the number of germs around you has been decreased, so the possibility of bad odor has also been eradicated.


1. How long does the UVGI light stand?
Answer: It can stand up to 10,000 hours, but depends upon the usage.

2. What is its coverage?
Answer: It can cover from 500 to 100o square feet properly.

3. How can I understand that I should clean the rod?
Answer: There are no indicators for that. Usually you need to clean it in every two or three weeks.


Best Air Purifier for Allergies

Best Air Purifier for Allergies

The Best Air Purifier for Allergies

As an Air Purifier Expert, I come across a lot of people asking about which air purifier would be best Air Purifier for Allergies or asthma problems & what factors need to be considered. It is a good news for them that I have taken their concerns into consideration. Yes!! Let’s turn the spotlight on the best air purifiers for allergies and here’s a short discussion about that…

What triggers such problems?

A wide range of indoor pollutants like chemical fumes, dust, allergens, odors, VOCs, mold and pet danders play a vital role causing allergenic problems. Now, a common air purifier won’t keep you away from all these triggering elements.

How to get rid off?

Of course, you need an expert air purifier particularly designed for removing such pollutants. For finding out the best Air Purifier for Allergies the first issue is filtering capability, as these air pollutants are tiny solid particles, you need a HEPA as well as a carbon filtration system present in your air purifier. I can suggest you a few names like the Honeywell 50250-S Air Purifier & AeraMax 200 Air Purifier. They come with efficient true HEPA filters with a promise of 99.97% elimination rate. They can save you from airborne particles up to 0.3 microns in size.

What about the budget?

Cheaper units lack in many attributes, if health is an issue for you then you must not hesitate to spend more. An expensive air purifier will effectively remove chemical gases, which is a rarity for low budget items. If you want to keep quality above the price, then you may try Frigidaire FAD704DWD Dehumidifier or Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover.

Budget Friendly Types

Yeah, I know, some of you still want to find a better option that supports your budget. It is not a bad idea & I also appreciate that. So, budget conscious persons might prefer Winix PlasmaWave 5300 or GermGuardian 3-in-1 AC5000E. They might fall short of one or two things, but overall their performance is great. Feel free to try.

At the end, I want you to decide yourself because you know about your requirements better than anyone else. Allergy or asthma problems can turn into something serious, so it is better to keep an air purifier at your disposal. I think, it always helps….

Best Air Purifier for an Infant

Best Air Purifier for an Infant

The Best Air Purifier for an Infant

There is no doubt that the air purifiers best serve the purpose of providing your baby with clean & fresh air, but things can turn the opposite if you don’t follow a few specific guidelines. For selecting best air purifier for an infant consider the first one fact is the ozone factor, of course, the ozone gas is health damaging for the babies as well as the adults. So, you have to get rid of the air purifiers which emit ozone gases.

How to identify the air purifiers that emit ozone? Now, this must be the question that has been wandering around your mind. Ok, Let’s give you some suggestions.

Identify The Dangerous One’s

Well, obviously you would find it written in the specifications, if not, then there are other ways. Searching for the buzz words is one of my favorite ways of finding the malicious ones. You may look for potential words like a breeze, ionizing, ionic, electrostatic, activated oxygen, electronic, ozone generator or other phrases that directly or indirectly indicate the extensive level of ozone emissions. I would cut this issue short because I have more issues to discuss with you guys!

Not only the ozone gases are the sole enemy of your babies, there might be other common types of indoor air pollutants that will equally bring harm to your infant. Be aware of the toxic chemical gases like the Benzene, Sulfur Dioxide, formaldehyde & VOC’s that can cause considerable damage. Bacteria, allergens, dust-mite, pet dander and viruses are the other ultra-fine particles you have to watch out for.

Air Purifiers With HEPA and Chemical Filtration Are Always Good

Sometimes, only HEPA purifiers are not enough for the effective removal of the solid particles & chemical gases. These gases tend to damage the respiratory system of your little infant.

So, you should look for an air purifier with a both HEPA filtration & a chemical filtration system enabled. Here, I mean 2 lbs or more of alumina or activated carbon as a chemical filtration media. The double protection will certainly help you remove the solids & the gases.

Perhaps, a list of a few air purifiers which serve the purpose most would help you in big time. Go on then-

1. Honeywell 50250-S Air Purifier
2. Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier
3. Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover
4. Hamilton Beach 04383A True Air Allergen-Reducing Air Cleaner
5. Honeywell AirGenius5 Air Cleaner HFD320


Some Cautionary Notes

Sub-standard & cheaper air cleaners may contain defective air filters. They are mostly marketed with the trumped up efficiency, but they seem to claim a “theoretical efficiency” and that is what affects the majority of the consumers.

Another common design failure of cheap air purifiers is the possible air leakage problem that occurs between the filter frame & the housing in most of the cases.

You have to consider the quantity of the installed chemical filtering media when the air purifiers are marketed as a “chemical air purifier“. You have to be very very careful about the replacement filters also.

At the end, I hope, I was able to convey something helpful & worthy of reading. Thanks!!

Get Relieve from allergy

Get Relieve from Allergies

To Get Relieve from Allergies you should maintain some important regulations. The effective and the easiest way to get out of an allergy attack is to get rid of such things in your home that make you sneezy. Also, you can use Air Purifier to get relieve from different types of Allergy. There are many types of allergies –

Types of Allergies:

Food Allergy
Skin Allergy
Dust Allergy
Insect Sting Allergy
Pet Allergies
Eye Allergy
Drug Allergies
Allergic Rhinitis
Latex Allergy
Mold Allergy
Sinus Information
Cockroach Allergy

Asthma and allergies are the common problems nowadays. For, these kinds of diseases it’s better to prevention than cure. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAFA) of America states, that air purifiers can reduce the symptoms that are created by airborne, pollen, dust and other particles which might be induced allergies. Pollen and dust are the most common allergen and is also powerful particles that can really dangerous for your immune system. Thousands of people are allergic to pollen and experience severe, not being able to breathe or function normally. Air filters are beneficial to some extent, and that’s a fact nowadays.

There are some air purifiers in the Market that are recommended by the doctors. HEPA air filters are known to help for asthma and allergies but especially from dust and pollen. These filters are designed to capture particles of all sizes and deactivate them or remove them completely out of your home. Only an air purifier and a certified HEPA filter can provide you some safety as they catch even the quickest moving pollen particles.

Hamilton Beach 04383A True Air Allergen-Reducing Air Cleaner

Hamilton Beach 04383A True Air Allergen-Reducing Air Cleaner

Hamilton Beach 04383A True Air Allergen-Reducing Air Cleaner


There are different numbers of air purifier available in the current market. Different people have different choice and requirement. Every brand of air purifier has its special capability. So before purchasing any air purifier, you must find out which is your prime target. Then you can easily detect the air purifier which serves you the most. For example: if you are having a problem with odor or smoke, surely you will not go for an ionizer.

Well, a simple air purifier will give you an overall service but nothing precise. But if you have a dedicated problem, find out the match purifier which counteracts that problem most. Such as, if you completely want to get rid of pet odor, hair, and dander, it will be better for you to go for Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner instead of any plane purifier.

Who should buy it?

  • People allergic to pet dander.
  • Respiratory Patient.
  • Want to refresh the room from pet odor.
  • Want to make a germ free environment.

Why should you buy Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner?

I have already mentioned that each purifier has some unique feature and quality. So match up the quality with your requirement and then go for it.

Basic 3 Stage Filtration

Hamilton Beach 04383A True Air Allergen-Reducing Air Cleaner has a well-known reputation for reducing pet hair, dander, moles, dust and thus relieving the respiratory patients. The reason is it is using amazing three stage filtration system to purify all those airborne materials that is pushing your problem. At first, the air passes through the pre-filter which captures the largest materials.

It is equipped with two HEPA filters which are capable of trapping 99.9% of microscopic particles. So, your cilia will be far away from any kind of airborne allergens.

Dual Carbon Filter for Odor

Not only capturing the particles, but also this filter is an expert in eradicating the odors. It is using two carbon zeolite filters which trap all the hazardous chemicals and toxic gasses from the air. Activated carbons are used here to filter air from odors. Usually, air purifiers accommodate one carbon zeolite filter to eliminate odor. But duel carbon filter allows you maximum clarification in your home for all kinds of pet odor, bad smell or pet dander. You can not wash it and you have to replace it after a certain period depending upon your usage.

Whispering Operation

There is a common objection about most of the purifiers that they produce a bit noise which hampers concentration or deep sleep. But this air cleaner offers you three different fan speed option to get rid of such problem. While going to bed, you do not need a quick clean, so you can turn on Whisper mood which is inaudible. The medium speed is also very quiet but as the speed of the fan is very high in quick clean, it will create some sound about nothing much to complain about.

Extreme Design

This awesome air cleaner has a great and efficient design. It is very efficient at the same time very small. You can place it anywhere in your room where it serves you most. Again, it can work both vertically and horizontally. So place it according to your requirement. It looks like a speaker rather than an air purifier. One thing you should keep in mind that as it is very small and light, it can be knocked down. So keep it in a safe and firm place. Its performance is too good considering its small size and design.

User-friendly Control

Most of the air purifier is still continuing with their old round knob adjustment system. Some modern purifier has an electric control system, but it is too complicated for a normal person to handle without memorizing the manual. That’s why Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner is the best. As it can be used both horizontally and vertically, there is only one switch at the top. So it can be reached in any position you set the purifier. This switch allows you to adjust the fan speed. Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner has the most simple user control system I have ever seen.


  1. Is it equipped with an ionizer?
    Answer:  No, it uses a paper filter that you clean and reuse. As a small gadget, it works pretty great.
  1. What is its power input?
    Answer: It works on 110V (American Standard).
  1. Can it clean the smoke from the room?
    Answer: Yes, it can eradicate any airborne particles and toxic gasses that create odor.


WBM Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt

Himalayan Salt lamp Natural Air purifier 1006 By WBM

Himalayan Salt lamp Natural Air purifier 1006 By WBM Review


The high percentage of airborne particles and pollutants in the present environment becomes a burning question to all and that is why people are rushing to buy an air purifier. Purifying air with the electronic gadgets sometimes emits ozone and destroys the nature. Such electric air purifiers are costly, noisy, extra onus and also detrimental to our atmosphere. Rather than that Himalayan Salt lamp Natural Air purifier is very cost effective.

Nowadays people are looking for a natural way to purify the air inside their home and remain concerned about the surroundings. There must be something that will purify the air, reduce the odors, noise free as well as Eco-friendly also. If you have these requirements, you are certainly looking for Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Who should buy it?Himalayan Salt lamp Natural Air purifier

  • People looking for natural air purifier
  • Suffering from Asthma and Allergy
  • People having cough problem
  • Looking for better sleep
  • Sinusitis patient

Why should you buy Himalayan Salt lamp Natural Air purifier?

Well, Himalayan Salt Lamp salt lamp has a number of pluses which cannot be provided by those traditional electric air purifiers. It is a natural way of cleaning the air which not only does the work of cleaning your room but also plays a positive role in your mood. Let’s have a look at the basic features of Himalayan Salt Lamp that made it unique from others.

Clean the air and reduce odor naturally

Himalayan Salt lamp Natural Air purifier has the outstanding capability of removing all kinds of dust, pollen, and allergens. It is also very efficient in removing the cigarette smokes, hazardous and contaminated chemicals from the air. People often wonder how a big pile of salt with a bulb inside can do this! Actually, “Hygroscopy” is the key of this lamp. Hygroscopy means absorbing the water molecule from the air and at the same time catching the abnormal elements of the salt crystal. When you turn on the light, water evaporates into the atmosphere and all kind of dust, allergen, pollen etc. got stuck in it.

Very effective for respiratory patients

Himalayan Salt lamp Natural Air purifier has an outstanding effect on the respiratory patients like asthma, bronchitis or nasal patient like sinusitis. The lamp filters the air and the exotic salt catches up all the mold, dust, spore, and pollen as well as pet dander. This Himalayan Salt Lamp has a great reputation for improving the breathing status of the respiratory patient than any other electric purifier on the current market. Many patients claimed that they were benefited with the lamp and it alleviated asthma and sinusitis symptoms.

Increase Your Energy Level

It has been claimed that the presence of the positive ion in the atmosphere sweeps away your energy. So, the presence of negative ion is required to feel you refreshed and energetic. Many electronic air purifiers claim to have the facility of emitting negative ion. But it is a natural product and it can be delivered perfectly and efficiently by something natural like Himalayan Salt. This lamp produces sufficient negative ions and creates a natural environment around you to make you invigorated.

Improve your breathing experience

Cilia are the microscopic hairs which are lined in our trachea (windpipe). If your cilia work properly, it will trap all the dust, pollen, and allergen and thus you will have a clean, healthy breathing experience. According to studies, negative ion increases the activity of the cilia in our trachea. In laymen’s term, if you have a negative ion around you, you will breathe freely and no dust or airborne materials will enter in your lungs. Himalayan Salt naturally emits negative ion and if you own one, surely you will have some better breathing experience.

Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation for our daily gadgets like smartphones, television, etc. has some bad effect on the human body. Still now the long term effect of Electromagnetic radiation is unknown, but such radiation exposure is responsible for human fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia as well as reduction of body immunity. You can not completely stay away from this, but you can buy this natural purifier and set it by the side of your electronic gadget. The negative ion emitted by the lamp has a great effect on reducing the Electromagnetic effect.


  1. How to dim it?
    Answer: There is no dimming option available in this lamp.
  1. What is its power consumption?
    Answer: It is very much energy efficient and works in 110V.


Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier

Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier

Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier

Living a healthy life shall not be limited to only healthy routine, exercise, proper diet and adequate sleep. Nowadays the topic we used to overlook is the necessity of clean and fresh air. Suddenly this thought knocked my mind and I start searching for a suitable air purifier which can provide a great service and clean, healthy air for my family.
Well, I came across a huge number of companies and their different models of purifiers.  I wanted a purifier which can remove the pollutant air particles from my home and keep the air neat and clean. The budget was also a burning question in my case as I cannot afford the big luxurious one. So, considering my budget and requirement, I found Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier , HEPA Air Cleaner, AP51030K is the best choice for me. Let me tell you, why I am so much amazed about this one.

Who Should Buy It

  • Respiratory patients who are intolerant to air pollutants.
  • People having allergy or asthma problem.
  • Smokers to remove the bad smell.
  • People looking for an odor-free room.

Why Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier?

Trusted Home Appliances Provider

Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier is a famous name in the world of household products. I heard their reputation and really surprised to see that they kept it up in their excellent air purifiers also. When I researched more about this Air Purifier, I found that it has amazing three stage air filtration systems that include a pre-filter, activated carbon filter as well as the most effective True HEPA Filter. It also provides its consumers an easy and user-friendly control and smooth purifying operation. Certainly it kept the promise of its brand value.

Amazing Filtration System

The first part of this filtration unit captures the large particles. While air passes through the second stage it comes in contact with the activated carbon layer which is very effective to remove all the odor, hazardous chemicals as well as toxic gases from the air. These two stages make the air free from all kind of dust, allergens, lint, and pet hairs. The final stage is True HEPA Filter which is amazingly capable of capturing 99.97% of pollutants in the air. It can trap such small pollutants up to 0.3microns of diameter.

Less Noise and Smooth operation

I got a lot of complaining review from my colleagues that their purifier makes a devastating sound which really hampers their sleep instead of helping it. That is why I was very cautious about buying my new air purifier. In this regard, Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier has 4 different fan speed including sleep and turbo modes. The purifier is very quiet and smooth even in its highest operating speed.  That indicates that I can use it not only in my living room or office but in my bedroom also.

Powerful Purification and Effective Output

The purifying range for this product is 500 sq ft, which I think is outstanding. This is really more than enough for a living room, bedroom or office space. The CADR rating of this purifier is 315 cubic feet of clean air in every minute which is pretty amazing in regards to its low price.  The ACH rating of the purifier is 4.8 changes per hour. It is really impressive if you consider the vast area it is covering.  In a comparison  to similar other purifiers, its purification capability and output is excellent.

Awesome Design and User-Friendly Control

The design of Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier is really simple but elegant.  It is not so huge, so you can fit it anywhere in your living room or office space without blocking a big space. Its operating system is really easy to control. The purifier has a filter indicator that will give you an alert when necessary changes will be required. You may find the price a bit more but as it has all the requirements you are looking for, so it’s worth of buying.

Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier


1. How long, the filter will stand?

Answer: If you run your purifier 24/7, you have to change your carbon filter in every 4-6 months and HEPA filter in every 12-18 months.

2. How many filter will be provided while buying the machine?

Answer: A set of two filters (Carbon filter and HEPA Filter) will be included with the purifier.

Alen BreatheSmart HEPA Air Purifier

Alen Breathe Smart HEPA Air Purifier

Alen Breathe Smart HEPA Air Purifier

Is It The Next Generation Technology You Are Searching For?


The main purpose of an air purifier is to provide pollutant free healthy air. We are living in a time where it is very difficult to find fresh air because everywhere it is packed with germs, pollutants and odors. As a result, the number of respiratory disease patient is increasing and the necessity of the air purifier is increasing accordingly.

Nowadays an air purifier becomes an important appliance in every household to ensure pure and safe air for the families. Different brands are available in the market with a number of air purifiers. But according to my budget and requirement, we believe, you would find Alen Breathe Smart Air Purifier as a perfect option.

Who Will Buy Alen Breathe Smart Air Purifier?

  • Family household for safe and pure air.
  • Sinusitis patients.
  • People having the dust allergy and asthma problems.
  • Healthy Work Environment.
  • Smokers.
  • Respiratory patients.

Why should you buy Alen Breathe Smart HEPA Air Purifier?

Amazing Filter Options:

Alen Breathe Smart HEPA Air Purifier is an innovative combination of the different level of filtration technology, which is programmed to clean the air of your surroundings as much as possible. Air first goes through a washable pre-filter where large particle, materials, and pollutant got stuck in. On the very next step, air enters in the special HEPA filter. This layer attracts up to 99.8% particles from the air like pollen, dust, mold, spores as well as harmful bacteria and viruses. Later on, the air passes through Ionizer which is Ozone friendly also. The other HEPA filter options include HEPA- FreshPlus, HEPA-Silver & HEPA-OdorCell.

Super Sensing Technology:

Alen Breathe Smart HEPA Air Purifier is equipped with super sensing technology & an auto mode. This mode varies the fan speed according to the changes in air quality caused by windows opening & pet movement. The sensor adjusts the airflow depending on the amount of particle present in the air. Thus, it saves energy and prolongs the working life of the filter. The machine is very powerful and at the same time very quiet too. Most of the air purifiers have such problem to hamper your concentration with its loud noise. But this device is so quiet that it cannot be heard because of its ultra silent mode.

Introducing WhisperMax:

Most of the air purifier does not have the capability of covering a large room. According to the review, if you buy a large purifier, there is a strong possibility that it will create some noise. Here comes the benefit of WhiserMax technology. In Alen Breathe Smart Air Purifier, a specially designed fan is occupied with an air chamber. This combination is capable of scattering the air in a huge area without creating a devastating noise. This new technology made this gadget efficient enough to cover 1000 square feet. It is a small device with little energy drawing, but its output is fabulous.

Air Pollutant Indicators:

It’s a complicated gadget with the perfect design. Plus, it has an easy to use control panel. Combining with its smart sensor, it has three different indicators to inform the current state of the surroundings. With the blue indicator, it describes the purity of air. Orange says there are some airborne pollutants still available in your breathing atmosphere. Red indicates the presence of severe harmful particles.

Efficient For Allergy Patients:

Many Air purifiers in the current market claim to have sufficient effect for the allergy patients, but you can hardly find any results. But, this smart purifier has a firm reputation in purifying the air effectively for the patients. You can check the competency of this purifier from the customers review. Again, if you do not feel any difference, you are promised to get a full refund within 60 days.



1. How frequently I need to change the filter?
Answer: It completely depends upon your use and surrounding air quality. Generally a filter sustains more or less than 9 months.

2. Does Alen Breathe Smart HEPA Air Purifier emit ozone?
Answer: No, it does not emit any kind of ozone. It has been frequently tested before marketing and it is 100% safe.

3. How to clean the pre-filter?
Answer: Pre-filter is washable, but it will be better if you can use a hand vacuum. It will reduce your pain from disconnecting and again connecting the pre-filter with the machine.