Air Purifier Buying Guide

There is no such thing you will find important for your health other than a quality air purifier. Your tightly sealed home can make you feel comfortable, but it can also trap indoor air pollutants. There are other sources like cooking fumes, pet dander and vapors will also pollute the air at a constant rate. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) & CDC (Center for Disease Control) has shown in their statistics that the air present inside in your home can be much dirtier than the air outside. As most of the Americans spend around 90% of their lives indoors, an air purifier becomes an essential accessory to have at their disposal.

Searching and shopping for the best air purifier becomes frustrating and confusing at times. Few of the air purifiers pollute the air by emitting harmful ozone, which can severely affect asthma patients. You may also find some other types that will provide you theoretical results based on the air flow rate without actual usage or testing. The rest of the types will still confuse you with their sheer number of sizes, prices, and options that are available and make you feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t really count which brand you are searching or what price range you have fixed, there are certain things to look for before you make your purchase. In order to help you in your quest of finding an effective and safe unit according to your needs, we have created this air purifier buying guide.

Working Procedure of an Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier buying guide

Air purifiers possess an electrostatic precipitator device which eradicates contaminated pollutants by charging them when they circulate around the system. When the tiny particles blow through the air purifier, the plate or filter prevents them from entering into the purified air.

Filter Options of Air Purifiers

Most of the air purifiers will come with replaceable air filters. These types have several benefits. Generally the filter collects all the eliminated dirt particles and that is the reason why it needs to be replaced after every three months of use. If the filters are replaceable, then the overall costing gets lessened which is definitely a money saving option.

The inclusion of the HEPA filters to your air purifying system will increase its capability. This filter is able to collect 99.97% of indoor air pollutants as small as 0.3 microns with its contaminant trapping ability.

Adding up of carbon filters along with HEPA will certainly strengthen the purification system of your air purifier. Carbon filters upgrade the layer of protection by trapping particles with the help of a chemical reaction. This filter efficiently removes pet dander, smoke and cooking fumes. It has also a built-in technology to capture smaller pollutants than the traditional ones.

If germs are the only issue you are suffering from, then an antibacterial filter will be much of a use to eliminate the virus particles. You would get a germ-protecting layer added to your air filter which will prevent virus and bacteria from circulating around. If you are going for UV filters, then you should keep in mind that they will require replacement bulbs as these featured bulbs will prevent the airborne particles to spread around your room.

Purchasing a pre-filter is a good option for the homeowners because it can protect larger particles like dust and pet dander. Other than this pre-filter option you can also search for odor eliminating features in your device.

Who Should Buy ItBest air purifier guide

• Asthma and Sinusitis patients
• People living in cities and crowded areas
• People who suffocate in humid air
• School going children
• People who want an odor free room
• People with dust allergy problems
• Healthy environment in office and residence
• People with nasal congestion problems
• Smokers
• Senior Citizens

Which Type of Air Purifier is Perfect for Whom?

Basically, the producers offer air purifiers in two types: whole-house system and room units. A professional installer will arrive at your place to do the attaching work like required installation and air conditioning duct-work. But, be careful because of the whole house purifier is an expensive option and it will cost you much, so you need to be prepared financially before you choose this option. You can also check for the comparison chart to find out the best air purifier.

If your budget is tight, then you can select other options like the portable units. Portable air purifiers are budget friendly and it can be placed in any desired place of your room. You can place it on the floor or a designated table in your home. These devices weigh around 10-20 lbs and they also come with rollers and handles for comfortable relocation.

Those who suffer from allergy symptoms and asthma problems, they should consider buying an air purifier with HEPA filter & allergen remover technology. They should focus more on the germ removal capacity of the machine other than the style and portability.

Some air purifiers cover up to 350 square feet and some can purify the air up to the range of 600 to 700 square feet. It often happens that you don’t require the range other than the features and sometimes only the range matters for you. A mixture of both these attributes will surely do the trick for you.

Too much noise from your air purifier especially when you put it in the maximum purifying mode will surely cast away your decent night’s sleep. If quietness of the machine is your main priority, then you better grab on some models with an extremely low noise level facility.

Features like carbon-zeolite filter will do the work of purifying the air polluted by smoke if you have the habit smoking in your house.

What to Look in the Machine

Fan Settings: Check out the multiple fan settings for noise levels and extra comfort.
Energy Usage: You can assess the energy usage of your device to determine your best choice. You can do it by comparing the volts and amps of every air purifier.
Oscillation: The more the oscillation, the more you will get air circulation.
Sound Emission: Disturbing sound of the device might make you feel disgusted at night, better look for air purifiers that emit low or soothing noises.

FAQ’s Related to Air Purifiers

Q. How frequently the filter needs to be changed?
Ans: It totally depends upon your usage and the air quality in the atmosphere. A filter can sustain more or less than 9 months.
Q. What is the process of cleaning the pre-filter?
Ans: It is better to clean them with a hand vacuum. This procedure will keep you away from the pain of connecting and again disconnecting the pre-filter with the machine.
Q. Do they come with ionizers?
Ans: It varies from model to model. Expensive models will surely have this feature included.
Q. How many filters are provided with the machine?
Ans: A set of two filters like the Carbon & the HEPA Filter will come with the package for free in most of the models.
Q. Do the Air Purifiers emit ozone?
Ans: Most of them do not emit ozone in the air. But, you better check it if you have any confusions.

Benefits of Air Purifier

As soon as you add an air purifier to your home, you will begin to feel the change in the air. The device will start eliminating harmful particles and thus it will keep you away from pet dander, plant pollen and dust mites, which may cause several breathing problems as well as allergy symptoms. Capturing particles up to 0.1micron measurement along with 99.97% success rate certainly makes it a must-have home accessory. The Bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time and an air purifier can make your living experiences like sleeping or reading more satisfying than ever before. Even with the portable devices you can carry the freshness wherever you go.

Few Buying Tips

Few tips related to your air purifier buying experience might help you in big time. So here we go then-


• Before making your purchase be sure to compare every nook and corner and carefully study the product warranties
• Pay attention to the CFM or the amount of air that moves through the unit
• The model you choose should not be too drafty and should have output and intake on the opposite sides for maintaining the best possible efficiency
• Price, availability, and expectancy of the replacement filters should be your major concerns. Filters that are easily accessible always get the priority.
• Set your budget first and then search for the options that fit into it. You can check our review page.
• Choosing a quality product and maintaining it properly will increase the longevity of your unit
• Measure your room’s width and length and assess which model could cover the whole area.
• If you are unable to provide less space for your unit then you should opt for portable units or smaller size units.
• The Height of the ceiling can cause problems sometimes as exceedingly vaulted ceilings may require more than usual air purifying power.
• Additional energy expenses will come in the way for homeowners as the device will run non-stop at a time.
• Calculate the power levels of your purifier by simply calculating the watt. You can do it by multiplying the two energy forms like the volts and amps together. You can get the information from the product specification list.
• In a low setting, the device will consume 50 watts and at higher settings it will consume around 200 watts. You can compare the consumption level with other electronic devices. A table lamp will use around 60 watts and a home computer will use 365 watts.
• Review the CADR (Clean Air Deliver Rate) which enlists the amount of cubic feet of air that the unit can rinse in every minute. The higher the CADR, the quickly it cleans.

How to Calculate the CADR

You can definitely calculate the CADR number of your room by following a few steps. Suppose, if your room is 10 feet by 12 feet, then 120 will be the total square footage of your room. If you multiply it by 0.75 you will get 90, which is the actual CADR number you require for your space. Go for the larger sized unit if you don’t find the right number on your device as it will provide you the exact amount of clean air.

Purchasing Air Purifier on Amazon

Amazon is an excellent marketplace that offers a wide range of air purifiers. Searching the appropriate machine is not a daunting task in this site as it is very much user-friendly. You just need to type “air purifiers” into the search box and they will provide a variety of options for you to pick. If you are still finding it difficult to sort out your favorite product amidst a lot of options, you can browse to our home page to get shortcut links of your desired products with detailed reviews.

The Bottom Line

This is more about consciousness other than business. We have suffered from frequent asthma attacks and allergies caused by malicious air and we know how it feels. So, when searching for a solution it didn’t take too long to find out the air purifiers. It is a massive invention with tons of features. They are so heavily equipped that you just don’t stop learning about a new feature every day. The more you learn, the more the information will keep popping up.

It is just an effort from our side to help you find your suitable product with our knowledge so that you don’t take much time to find your one as we did while finding our one. We haven’t just provided you with honest and good reviews, we have also given you a smattering of informational pages with no technical jargon. We hope that this website will be the place where you will find your perfect purifier without spoiling your precious hours while trawling on the internet.

We have done our best to keep the reviews and information to the point so that you can get the gist instantly. Lastly, we want to say that you have taken a right decision to purchase an air purifier and we hope that your breathing experiences become better than ever. Cheers!!